Hi, we’re wonqy.  A production company specialising in live event coverage. We work with businesses to share their information, content and stories with a wide online audience.

We offer a wide range of individually tailored streaming and media options. From sports and corporate television commercials, press-conference and event coverage, to church mass and funeral services, explore how wonqy can help share your message.  

From Camera Operators to Production assistants and Graphic Designers, Wonqy is always hiring! We’re a tight-knit and passionate team with a keen eye for perfection and we’re striving to create a supportive and nurturing creative environment Think you have some wonqy magic in you? Check our current openings and apply!  

As Wonqy’s landmark project, The Studio is a dual-use creative space with a large production studio fronted by a creative co-working office area. Wonqy. maintains its own space within the wider creative offices and when not working with clients we frequently use the studio for our own creative projects.